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JP Cherry


Week 7 Task

Sharing your blogging experience

Do you think your blogging experience was a success?

When I began this project I had no idea of how to blog. I have found the experience quite challenging and time consuming. I would not classify my initial blogs as a success however after learning what content makes a successful blog, I have gradually improved over the weeks.

I have found the concept behind search engine optimisation quite interesting. I have learnt it not only improves exsposure of the blog but it can also increase traffic towards the site.

Do you think you will continue to blog?

After this course has finished I would like to continue to blog with time permitting. It has been fun to set up and to see the final product on the screen. Also seeing the improvement over the course of the project last four weeks. The interesting thing about blogging is that you are not limited to four or five topics, you can write about anything you desire or whatever is on your mind.

What were the most difficult things to do with your blog?

The most difficult thing during the blogs was to implement the SEO techniques. I found that trying to implement these techniques required a lot of time and it was occasionally difficult to pick the correct and appropriate tool.  I also found trying to find the correct content to implement into the blog was challenging.   Just making sure that you have correct headers and  picking the correct choice of descriptive words to use is something that took some time to achieve.

How easy was it to come up with new ideas every day?

Once you get started with editing your post and making a few changes here and there to the site, it became a lot easier to think of ways to improve it. WordPress to me has a great variety of products to use and this helps in a substantial way to think of new ideas and to also improve the blogging experience. The only drawback for me has been my lack of time.  I would have liked to be able to put a little more time into the blogs to achieve a more complete blog.

After this experience do you have a new perspective on blogging?

As I am totally new blogging, I did not have a clue as to how to blog, what programs to use, did you just use word or was there something else to work with. So my perspective has been of an open mind when it came to blogging, but after using WordPress and completing a few blogs, it has made the transition from novice to amateur quite easy. In the end blogging has been a quite enjoyable experience and is something I would like to continue to do.

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Week 6 Task
Compare users to Social Netwroking sites using ALEXA.COM

Social Networking Sites selected:


Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc.  As of July 2011, Facebook has more than 750 million active users.

The last 3 months have been stable with around 43% of the world’s internet users logging into facebook. The previous 3 months before that was an increase from 40% up to 43%.

Facebook will always be a popular site for people to visit because of the social impact it has.

Facebook is the second most popular site in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.

Global ranking 2nd          American ranking 2nd

An interesting part of this was that google, twitter, youtube and yahoo were the most sites visited before and after visiting facebook. With this information it is fair to say that people are mostly using the internet now for social networking purposes.

Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit facebook.com:




43.58000 -0.7%

7 day

43.46000 +0.6%

1 month

43.82000 +0.85%

3 month

43.54300 +5.99%

Facebook did have an increase of users three months back by 6%.


Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as “tweets.”

Twitter is the ninth most popular site in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.

Global ranking 9th American ranking 8th

Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit twitter.com:




10.69000 +14.5%

7 day

9.92000 +1.3%

1 month

10.17100 -3.1%

3 month

10.48300 +2.31%


Google+ pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus, sometimes abbreviated as G+ is an identity service with social networking aspects, operated by Google Inc.

Google Inc. is an American multinational public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing, advertising technologies, and search engines.

Google is ranked #1 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.

People who use Google use it for a variety of reasons ranging from gmail, google docs, translate, google maps etc.




49.74000 +6.9%

7 day

48.79000 -0.2%

1 month

49.64000 -1.66%

3 month

50.34800 +3.16%

69 out of 100 users would query for this site.


Linkedin is a business-related social networking site and is it is mainly used for professional netwroking.

Linkedin.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 13.

Global ranking 13th American ranking 11th

Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit linkedin.com:




5.76000 +72%

7 day

5.02000 +1.3%

1 month

4.90000 -1.8%

3 month

4.98100 +16.8%


The last three months have been quite level across the four sites with very little change going on. As you can tell with the graph above, facebook holds the most traffic on the social networking sites, with Google used as a search engine to get to these other social networkig sites. Google holds the most traffic, through the various services they provide.  It can also be noted that people who use social networks sites are not limited to using just the one provider; they have accounts on a wide range of social networking media as you can see in the graphs showing sites visited before and after.





Week 5 Task

How to make your blog search engine friendly? How search engine optimization might be utilized in blog configuration? Talk about how to make a blog easily discoverable by search engines.

How to make your blog “Search Engine” friendly?

  • Have repeat search in results page
  • Explain where results come from
  • Explain what the user did
  • Integrate searching with browsing

When creating a search engine on your site, it is important to index for your audience that you are targeting. With a blog it would be helpful to index by topic, this is because with blogs you are normally writing about topics. You could further index the topics chronologically by date posted.

After the search has been completed, it is time to display the results. There are a number of ways to consider when presenting your information, but for blogs it would be ideal to have a summary of the content of what the blog is about.

Ranking is important when it comes to results and when it comes to blog I would have the most popular posts ranked higher in the results. If you wanted to make money from your blog you could pay to have your ranking up higher in the results.

How to Optimise your blog
There are a number of ways to optimise your blogs to get higher rankings with search engine queries. One way is to use a SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the practice of ranking pages in the organic results at the search engines. SEO can help in a number of ways by;

  • Increasing the number of links to your site
  • Creating a clear organisation and hierarchy
  • Include appropriate keywords
  • Put the most important information first
  • Make the most important information look important and
  • Use test instead of images
  • Link via text
  • Make good use of <TITLE> Tag
  • Incorporate<Meta> Keyword Tags
  • Incorporate<Meta> Description Tags
  • Update your content frequently
  • Use RSS feeds for dynamic Content

Remember, when considering having a search engine within your blog, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Does your site have enough content?
  • Will investing in search systems divert resources from more useful navigation systems?
  • Do you have the time and know how to optimizing your sites search system?
  • Will your users bother with search?



Week 4 Task
Compare 2 special search engine search sites or tools of interest and discover which one do you think works better than the other one?

Chosen Sites – www.wolframalpha.com


For a first time visitor, visiting these sites I did not know what these sites were or about. These two sites are completely different from each other, with WolframAlpha being a site for calculating any mathematical problem and Technorati being a bloggers website, where there are posts and information on topics from technology to sports through to business and politics.


Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine that answers factual queries entered users. I did a query for the average height of a three-year old boy.  I was expecting a sentence just stating what the average should be, but the results page showed graphs, tables, and bell curves which was a lot to take in.  It is a site where you have to come prepared with a question, rather than browsing the site. Below is just some of the graphs that were returned for the query.


Technorati is  website designed for the purpose of searching blogs. Technorati also uses and promotes the use of open source software. When visiting the Technorati website the subject areas are readily available for you to find blogs on all different types of information. To help categorise the blogs, Technorati views the tags created by the authors of the blogs as categorised search results with the most recent blog coming first.



Both of these sites had topics on blogs, but Technorati had more helpful topics on blogging. All I could find on WolframAlpha was a blog on Widgets. Back over at Technorati, there is blogs on how to become a better blogger, ten common blogging mistakes and not to write for everyone and the list goes on. If you are new to the blogging game then this is the good start of point to get a lot of information on creating a new and interesting blog.

Helpful Blogging Links


Now to compare these two sites is quite difficult as each site is attracting different user audiences.If you like a wide variety of activities Technorati is for you, but if you like the mathematical side of problems, then WolframAlpha is for you. So it is just up to the individual with what they are looking for.

So for me it came down to what one was easier to navigate to find information on and which information on that site is relevant to what I wanted.  Technorati’s home page was quite attractive and information was readily obtainable from subject headings. The layout worked quite well and had an attractive feel.

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